An Amaryllis.. an ama-whata?

Do not let the name scare you- this bulb is rich in history and beautiful beyond compare. and by the way- that’s not the actual name… the formal name is Hippeastrum… Here is a little history about this rare beauty.

The name Amaryllis is taken from the Greek ┬ámeaning “to sparkle.” Amaryllis is a monotypic (only one species) genus of plant commonly known as the belladonna lily or naked ladies. The single species, Amaryllis belladonna, is a native of South Africa, particularly the rocky southwest region near the Cape. The Belladonna Lily was introduced into cultivation at the beginning of the eighteenth century. “Hippeastrum” is Greek for “horseman’s star” (also known today as “knight’s star”) and was chosen in 1837 by the Honorable Reverend William Herbert, Dean of Manchester. No one is entirely sure why he picked this name although buds on the verge of opening do look something like a horse’s ear and clearly the blossoms do resemble six-pointed stars.

Berbee’s Best is offering the indoor Hippeastrum (aka Amaryllis) option. So while, Naked Lady is a cool name… that’s not what you are getting here! There are hundreds of varieties out there- we are offering just a handful of the best and our favorites!

As anyone who has grown this bulb knows- beauty takes time. A potted Amaryllis will take about 7-10 weeks to bloom. Place in a sunny spot and water the bulb (not the bulb tip) occasionally as needed. Good things come to those who wait!


Amar Apple Blossom 5 Amar Red Lion2