We hear this a lot- I love the bulbs, but the Amaryllis stalk grows too tall and are top heavy… they break now what?


This is true, Amaryllis and Paperwhites are going to get tall- they are also going to create large beautiful blooms that can cause the stalks to be top heavy. However, there are ways to prevent them from breaking!

  1. rotate your planter- allowing the sun to hit different angles of the bulb/stem- keeping the growth equal.
  2.  move the planter closer to the window. If your stem needs to strain for sunlight, this can cause it to lean and eventually break.
  3.  Tie it up! This is simple and can also look quite cute! Use ribbon, twine or whatever you have on hand. Gently tie a loose bow around the stems holding them together. If you only have one stem- you can stick in a stake to attach to.


With those three simple steps, you can stretch out the length of your bloom with out stretching too tall!

Click below to watch a quick tutorial on how to tie up the stem.


Save a Stem

While packing up orders the other day- I wondered if our customers had as much anticipation as I do for the bulb to bloom! So, while over thinking this… I thought- how could we make the waiting more fun? Fairy Gardens!

Make the pot of soil into a Fairy Garden! This keeps the pot looking cute and interesting-until your Amaryllis blooms. Then once it blooms it gives even more to your Fairy Garden narrative.

Here is a sample of this idea.



This little gnome has paperwhites in his yard!


Take your Berbee’s Best potted Amaryllis bulb and your favorite miniature items.

Add them as you see fit- you can even add mini plants if you would like.


Keep in the same sunny window and continue to wait for the bloom!