January 23-Happy National Pie Day!

I prefer cake over pie, but if I have to pick one it would be Lemon Meringue. There must be many pie lovers out there because January 23 is dedicated to pie!

Did you know that every day of the year has a non-government, non-religious dedication? If you ever just wanted to send someone a gift “just because” you could now attach it to a day.

February 7- National Send a card to a friend day

March 31- National Crayon Day

June 26- National Beautician’s Day  (don’t forget the hairdressers in your life)

September 12- National Day of Encouragement

December 17- National Maple Syrup Day


These are just some of the wacky days to remember. Everyday is a celebration- truly- these days just gives you a specific focus!



Now- off to find some Lemon Meringue- YUM!

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Source Pie

This is the time of year that your December blooming Amaryllis will likely start to lose blooms.  Luckily- the foliage is pretty too and makes a great house plant. Better yet, you can take action to save the bulb and bring it back to life again next year. Here are some tips for Amaryllis after care:

  • Trim off dead blooms
  • Trim off any dead or flimsy foliage
  • Keep the green. If it needs it, tie it up  for a better look. The foliage allows energy to go back into the bulb. This energy is needed to allow for growth again.

Should you choose to keep the Amaryllis for next year:

  • After the last frost of the winter season- you can place the bulb outdoors.
  • In the early fall- before the first frost (around September) bring the bulb indoors into a dark place- basements work great. The bulb needs to go back into dormancy for about 6 weeks.
  • After the 6 week dormancy, bring your pot back out- in a warm and sunny indoor location. Water the bulb sparingly.

There is a chance that the second year- the bulb will not produce another bloom and just the foliage.


Kids can learn to garden!

Parents of young kids  love new and simple ways to help entertain our kids. Even better when you get the kids involved on fun and they learn!

Bulbs are a simple and fun way for kids to learn- we have shared some tips before.

Here is a great customer example-

A daycare provider has 2 Amaryllis growing side by side. Each child has guessed the color that the bloom will become. Better yet- they are examining the growth of these and measuring the length. Just like that- kids are learning how to measure and journal about their plants.

Oh and even better yet- this teaches kids that good things come to those who wait. In a time when our kids are surrounded by instant gratification- gardening in all forms is a way to teach them that hard work and patience can bring on great return!