Now is the time to plant your Fall bulbs.


What if a few minutes of work could provide you with weeks of pleasure? Fall bulb planting time starts now and it won’t take long! With planning you can have your Spring garden planted in minutes.

Time to Plant

From late September to early December fall bulbs can be planted. It is best to get the bulbs in the ground before the first frost arrives. Flower bulbs need a cooling period in order to produce blooms in the Spring.

Guide to Planting

The concept is simple- dig, drop and you are done. However, there are a few things to consider. The bigger the bulb the deeper to plant it. To avoid squirrels and critters from digging them up- go 6 inches down.

flower timeline


Now you wait. The Winter months will come and you will probably forget about the work. Spring arrives and your hard work pays off with beautiful flowers!