Indoor gardening with kids is easy, entertaining and educational!

Teaching kids to garden does not require a large yard or vegetables. Flower bulbs are an easy way to get your kids gardening. Amaryllis take little care- just water and sun! The fun part is the watching and waiting- kids can check in everyday to see the progress. When the bulbs blooms kids will be so excited to see the flower.

These are fun ways to get kids excited about their Amaryllis blooms:

  • Keep the color a secret! Let them guess what color they think that the flower will bloom.
  • Set up a race! Put at least two bulbs near each other and see which one grows faster. Let the kids pick one and see who wins the race.
  • Let the  kids take pictures of the blooms through out the growth process.
  • Create a growth journal- writing down changes they notice, when they last watered etc…When done- capture them with their hard work!
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Since 1949, in Holland the Berbee family has been researching, growing, and selling flower bulbs around the world. Leo Berbee started the business and taught his sons -who in turn grew the business. Henk Berbee left The Netherlands and came to the United States to expand the family business again. For 30 years he was successful in wholesaling bulbs to independent garden centers and growers. He inspired his children to be part of the biz. Today Leo Berbee Bulb Co. distributes millions of bulbs around the world, including to their own independent garden center- Dutch Mill Greenhouse. So where do you fit in??

While all the this time you may have seen our bulbs or even purchased them at your local independent garden center- we wanted to make our best quality bulbs accessible to everyone. After all- only the best for family!

We offer our best varieties on a seasonal basis so that you can have beautiful blooms year round. We want to share them with you and you can share them with your family!

Welcome to the family!