About Us

The Berbee Family

For nearly 40 years, the Berbee family has been shipping flower bulbs all over the U.S. from their Ohio location. A Dutch family proud to offer true Holland bulbs to their customers.

Today, three generations of the Berbee family have continued to grow the business. Their goal is to share these gorgeous flower bulbs with your family.

From our family to yours, direct to your door. Experience what happens with Berbee’s Best  – From Box to Bloom.


1949– Leo Berbee started Leo Berbee Bulb Company- importing and exporting flower bulbs.


1972– Leo’s son, Henk Berbee began the wholesale division of Leo Berbee Bulb Co. in the U.S. bringing product from Holland.

Each year Leo Berbee ships millions of flower bulbs to growers and independent garden centers all over the world.


2002– Henk’s children Bob and Marjolein joined the family business. Opening a retail division in Marysville, Ohio- Dutch Mill Greenhouse.


2007– Dave Dzmura joined the family business running Berbee Young Plants, brokering product for over 50 growers nationwide.

staff 2016

2016– Today Leo Berbee is offering its BEST to your door-Berbee’s Best, launched by Mattie Berbee offers flower bulbs from the Leo Berbee family for you to order and send as gifts or keep for your own!