Calla Lillies are in and they are going to be gorgeous!

Who knew that one of the not so attractive bulbs could bloom to such a unique and beautiful flower. That is the Calla!

A wonderful garden item or perfect for cut flowers, these chalice shaped flowers are a perfect gift. A common place for these flowers is in weddings- often used as a beautoinare for a groom. There are so many more options for these flowers.

We are thrilled to offer the Calla for an indoor or outdoor potted option. They prefer high temperatures between 65-80 degrees- so keep in a sunny spot. It is importatant not to over water these bulbs- so while waiting for the bloom water only when soil is notably dry.


In just 10-12 weeks from planting these blooms will emerge and bloom for weeks to come with proper care. Our current color options are Night Life and Crystal Clear.

Night Life- a deep purple almost black


Crystal Clear- a pure white bloom


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