Indoor Flowers

Indoor Bulbs

Planting bulbs for indoor blooms is easier then you think. Who doesn’t want Spring color in the Winter months?! Here is how to achieve this:


Hyacinths (using a Hyacinth Vase)

-Fill the lower part of each jar with water- just to the base of the bulb.
-Place the bulb in the upper part of the jar.
– Place the hyacinth jars in a cool, dark location for 6-8 weeks while the roots develop.
– Optimum temperature is 45 degrees. Do not freeze. Your garage or a cool basement may work
-Check frequently to maintain water levels. Do not let them dry out.
– Once the roots have developed, place the bulb in a bright indirect light for about 10 days. Once the leaves turn green- move to a bright sunny spot.
– As the foliage and flowers grow, turn the jar daily to keep the stems from leaning towards the light.


– Place Amaryllis bulb in a pot of your choice with proper drainage.
– Water regularly until you see the green sprout emerge.
– Keep in a sunny window.
– Water as needed (when dry).
– As the foliage and flowers grow, turn the jar daily to keep the stems from leaning towards the light.



-Paperwhites can be planted in a bulb jar, on a bed of rocks or in low soil.
-Keep water level to the base of the bulb, just to root level.
-Check frequently to maintain water levels. Do not let them dry out.
-Best results from indirect sunlight and turn them as blooms begin to show to prevent leaning.
– Blooms will grow very tall ( over 16 inches) it may require a light string to tie them upright.

Indoor gardening with kids is easy, entertaining and educational!

Teaching kids to garden does not require a large yard or vegetables. Flower bulbs are an easy way to get your kids gardening. Amaryllis take little care- just water and sun! The fun part is the watching and waiting- kids can check in everyday to see the progress. When the bulbs blooms kids will be so excited to see the flower.

These are fun ways to get kids excited about their Amaryllis blooms:

  • Keep the color a secret! Let them guess what color they think that the flower will bloom.
  • Set up a race! Put at least two bulbs near each other and see which one grows faster. Let the kids pick one and see who wins the race.
  • Let the  kids take pictures of the blooms through out the growth process.
  • Create a growth journal- writing down changes they notice, when they last watered etc…When done- capture them with their hard work!
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