Fab to Drab- what to do when your indoor flower is done blooming.

Indoor forcing has three phases- You wait… then the beautiful bloom arrives! You enjoy the bloom and then sadly- it does come to an end. No secret there.

Good news is- you could keep your bulb and watch it bloom again next year!

Here’s how:

  • remove the bulbs with roots from soil
  • find a nice spot outside in your yard
  • Dig a hole about 4 inches deep (see guide below for further depths)
  • Place bulbs- root side down
  • Cover with soil- water in and leave

This process will allow the bulbs to take natures course and they should produce a flower next Spring. There is a chance that they may only bring foliage the first year, but don’t be discouraged- they will bloom the next year.


If you are not able to plant in your yard, here is a tip on saving for the following year:

  • Place the bulbs in a brown paper bag in a cool dry place (a basement is great)
  • In September/October place in the fridge for 4-6 weeks to allow the cooling process to happen
  • Plant into soil and place in the sun
  • Water regularly until you see the green sprout- then water sparingly


flower timeline

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