Product Care/FAQ

1– remove the plastic wrap from the inside pot.
2– water and place in an indoor sunny spot.*
3– water sparingly until you see the green stem.
4– once green stem appears, water regularly as needed.
5– wait and enjoy the bloom.
flower timeline

If planting fall bulbs in the ground, the above grid provides information on depth for planting.

If you have received a pre-potted bulb, you will remove the plastic and water. Place in a warm and sunny location and wait for the sprout to come on. These bulbs are pre-cooled to allow for indoor forcing.


The average flowering time is about 7-10 weeks.

Yes- there is such thing as too much water! Too much water can cause rotting of the bulb.Upon arrival, water the base of the bulb and continue as needed (when dry). Avoid watering the nose/tip of the bulb. Once you start to see green growth- water sparingly. Keep in a sunny spot to allow the bulb to dry out.

Caring for the waxed Amaryllis is simple. No water or soil are required. It comes equipped with an iron stand on the base to hold it upright.

It is best if placed inside in warm and sunny place. Approximately 68 degrees. Rotate regularly to keep stem growing upright.

NOTE: some cracking may occur in the wax as the bulb grows and bulb restricts.

The short answer is- maybe. The long answer is:

  • After the last frost of the winter season- you can place the bulb outdoors.
  • In the early fall- before the first frost (around September) bring the bulb indoors into a dark place- basements work great. The bulb needs to go back into dormancy for about 6 weeks.
  • After the 6 week dormancy, bring your pot back out- in a warm and sunny indoor location. Water the bulb sparingly.

There is a chance that the second year- the bulb will not produce another bloom and just the foliage.

If you have potted Hyacinths or Tulips- the best way to bring them back next year is to plant them outside in the garden. These bulbs need to go through a cooling process to restore energy to bloom again. After the last frost of the year, pick a spot in the yard and place them outside. They may just reappear the following spring!

Shipping season is October- January. Bulbs are shipped during a seasonal time frame to ensure the best for growth and longevity. Orders placed August-October will not be shipped until after October 10, unless otherwise requested. Orders placed after October will ship as requested.

Waxed Amaryllis is not available until Dec. 5

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  • Upon arrival, remove plastic wrap
  • Water regularly until you see green growth.
  • Place in a warm and sunny location- depending on your climate at time of arrival- the calla lily will do great outside in temperatues above 60 degrees.
  • Water as needed

After you have enjoyed the beauty of your calla lily, you will have to wait until next year for another bloom. If you would like to save your bulb for the following year- you will need to bring it indoors. Calla Lilies do not like cold weather and will not survive the frost.

Place the bulbs (in or out of the soil) into a dark and warm location, basements are great for this. The following Spring you can bring it out and add water and sunlight. The bulbs should produce foliage and blooms again after about 6-10 weeks.

Dahlias are tubers and can be planted for best results when temperatures reach 62 degrees or higher.

Plant in full sun in rows allowing about 1-2 feet of space between.
Dig a hole 6 inches deep and place tuber in with eye facing up- burry with rich compost.

Dahlias like lots of water, keep the soil moist.

For best results, pinch back the leaves after the 3rd or 4th leaf has emerged- this allows more flowers to be produced.