We recently added tulips and hyacinths to our product line. These are some of the most popular fall bulbs for Spring blooms! Bulbs are actually really easy to plant and care for- the hardest part is getting them in the ground on time!

The rule of thumb is to get them in before the first frost- we like to say before Thanksgiving!

Here are some tips for planting your Fall Bulbs:

  • Select quality bulbs (Call Berbee’s Best)
  • Use rich soil- a compost mix works great.
  • Plant them when the ground is cool, but not frozen
  • Plant them at the right depth (see grid below)
  • Put the nose up (nose = pointy end)
  • Water in really good
  • Take a picture of the before!

Now you enjoy your winter months- and when the weather starts to turn to Spring and just when you almost forgot about your bulbs- Surprise they pop up and bloom so beautifully! Even better, if you have given these as a gift to someone special- they will think of you at the planting and at the bloom time! Now that is a gift that keeps on giving!



Bulb Depth Guide:



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