Your thumb just got a little greener!

Everyone loves a bright blooming flower- especially in the Winter months. Not everyone likes to care for plants and flowers or take the time to worry about water and sunlight. There is something out there for those people! The Waxed Amaryllis has been around a few years and is the perfect gift for someone who does not like gardening, but appreciates the blooms!

The traditional Amaryllis has been dipped in wax and decorated with snow or glitter for a Holiday look. A wire coil placed in the bottom to allow the bulb to stand up right on its own. No soil, no water no care required.

The final bloom may be a slightly shorter then a traditional Amaryllis, but the bloom will be just as vibrant!


These are great gifts or even group a few together in your own home. Perfect for a centerpiece or mantel display!


glitter-wax marble-wax

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